Fauxtography: Deconstruction of an Israeli 'War Crime'

Posted: Aug 24, 2006 3:47 PM

I'm still wading through all the info in this post, but it's pretty damning.

Remember that attack Israel deliberately made on Red Cross ambulances rescuing innocent victims in Lebanon? Yeah, not so much.

More after I finish reading. This is shaping up to be really nasty.

Update: I forgot to mention that Michelle Malkin has contact info for the MSM involved in selling this story.

The lack of skepticism on the part of journalists covering this story cannot be ascribed entirely to stupidity. If it could, that would be better, I think. Still sad, but better than this.

This is a bunch of people who know what missile damage looks like, regularly work in a war zone and are familiar with all the political pressures and propaganda, and ignore all of that knowledge to report exactly what they want to. It's disgusting, and half the people who saw the initial reports will never hear about the debunking. And, the myth will march on... But thanks to people like Zombie, we have a chance to get the word out now. Get started.