Come On Hoist That Flag, and Hoist It

Posted: Aug 22, 2006 3:03 PM

I'm on "Hoist the Black Flag" on Rightalk today, along with Jim Geraghty of TKS.

The show's hosted by Goldstein and Ace, so this oughtta be fun.

Here's the write-up on exactly what we might talk about. For the record, I'm siding with the tiger shark.

And, what do I listen to to prep for an appearance of this nature, you might ask? "Touch the Sky"-- Kanye

I'm on at 3:40-ish, but the show's already started. Listen up.

Update: Hot Air will have audio, but Allah didn't holla (Yeah, I went there. What of it?). Alas, the world will have to remain unshocked. Sniff.

Update: Oops, I misread. Audio runs at Rightalk at five after the hour every hour for the rest of the day.

Update sorry, almost done: I was also on Kevin McCullough's radio show in NYC today, but neglected to get a link up in time. Here's the podcast,in which you can find me about halfway through.