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Driving the Bridge to Nowhere

The Ending Earmarks Express folks are braving the road to uncertainty today:

That's right - after driving more than 7,000 miles and visiting dozens of pork-barrel earmarks in 27 states, our next stops are in Anchorage on August 15 and in Ketchikan on August 16. Tentative event times are 10:00 a.m. on both days, with exact locations TBD - stay tuned.

You remember the Bridges to Nowhere, right? The proposed Ketchikan bridge, which received a $223 million earmark in last year's bloated transportation bill, would connect Gravina Island, population 50, with Ketchikan proper, population 7,922. We're also visiting the Anchorage site of the proposed Knik Arm Bridge, which is the subject of significant local opposition and which received a $229 million earmark in last year's transportation bill.

The Express won't get to Alaska a moment too soon, since funding for these bridges is still in flux...
Check out the rest of the big pork bus' long trip, here. They have photos of many of these ridiculous projects, too.


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