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Not So Much Running from Bush

Lorie Byrd notes in her Townhall column today that Republican candidates aren't exactly running from President Bush in their runs for office this year.

That fact, however, has not changed the Democratic talking points on the subject or the MSM's echoing of them:

The “running from the President” theme must be fairly high on the list of Democrat talking points because, as Power Line reports , it appears again in Minnesota in relation to U.S. Rep. Mark Kennedy. The Minneapolis Star Tribune ran the following:
“Blogospheric political pressure spiked Tuesday over online allegations
that U.S. Rep. Mark Kennedy, the Republican-endorsed candidate for the
U.S. Senate in Minnesota, had "scrubbed" his congressional website of
references to President Bush. For example, a smiling joint portrait of
Kennedy and the president that formerly graced the congressman's web
biography page has been replaced by a photo of Kennedy and some

And legislation that once was "signed into law by President
Bush" now merely "became law" on Kennedy's website,, according to the liberal political weblog MN

The story goes on to report that the blog reporting the
“scrubbing” of the website was wrong and that 72 mentions of “Bush”
appear on Kennedy’s website.

But the whole inaccuracy thing didn't kill the story, as Lorie points out. We'll be hearing a lot more about this as November approaches...

I also heard that Lorie just got a shout-out on Rush for her column. Way to go, Lorie!


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