Posted: Jun 23, 2006 6:33 AM

As of today, I will be going offline for a week, so I wanted to say farewell for now.

I'm taking 20 high-school kids to Young Life camp, so I'll be spending my week riding a 300-ft. zipline into a mountain lake, trying to conquer the climbing wall, and getting to be closer friends with my 10 9th-grade girls who are going.

They're tough and wild and often moody, but they're great kids who could really use a week outside the city, their neighborhoods, their routines, to remember that there just may be more to life than what they're seeing right now.

I haven't been offline for a week since 2004, so I'm not sure what will become of me. Will I get chills or the shakes? In the meantime, I turned in a Townhall column, so look for that on Monday.

Pray for me and for the kids. I'll see you when I get back. And, if I don't come back, they probably left me on the ropes course by accident. If you get the chance, will you come get me down?

And, it just occurs to me that I may come back from this week with a tan. All right, it's not probable, but it's possible. If it happens, I'll have to provide photographic evidence-- "Look now! This won't happen again!"

Y'all have a good week. And, seriously, prayers are much appreciated.