I'd Rather Live in His World Than Live Without Him in Mine

Posted: May 26, 2006 12:39 PM

I'm gonna be in Georgia all of next week-- working and online and all that, but in the ATL.

I'm actually doing a bit of a tour of Georgia-- I'm throwing a bachelorette party on the beach near Savannah this weekend, then heading over to Atlanta, and probably dropping in on Athens at some point.

Many, many boiled peanuts will be eaten.

One of the last times I went out of town, I neglected to mention it on the blog and, as a result, missed getting together with Mark of Decision '08 in Austin. Silly me.

So, I'm going to Atlanta this week. If there are bloggers (Lance of Red State Rant and Trey Jackson, are y'all still out there?) and readers out there who would like to grab a beer sometime mid-week, give me a shout: marykatharine@beyondthenews.com

I'll be in the Virginia Highlands area for most of the week, I think, so I'll pick a place.

We can talk politics, but the first order of business will be to discuss whether the new F-150 can actually pull a bulldozer. I heard that on the radio the other day and it just seems like you'd need at least an F-250 to handle that.

And, where do you find out the answer to that question if not in Georgia?