Everything Happens on C-SPAN

Posted: May 25, 2006 10:44 AM

You don't even have to watch any other channels.

Sen. Jeff Sessions just remarked on the floor on Taylor Hicks' "American Idol" win.

He reminded the good senators that last year, Bo Bice of Alabama was a finalist, and that the season 2 winner was Ruben Studdard, also of Alabama.

"We're very proud," he said.

Taylor deserved to win. His voice is great and gravelly, and almost never unsure. Some have called the final duo bland. I didn't think so.

Katharine has a great voice and she's beautiful, and she'll go far. I didn't think she was any blander than any of the other female singers in the top 3 over the past couple seasons. Plus, she's got a bit of a classic style, which is why "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and "Someone to Watch Over Me" worked for her. If nothing else, she's to be commended for bringing that Gershwin song to a new generation of listeners. Gorgeous.

Taylor is anything but bland. I'm hoping that if he and Eliot both get record deals, there will be a great deal more soul on the radio. Not like Hip-hop/R&B soul, but the real old-school deal. Like, Wilson Pickett kinda soul.

Taylor overcame his conspicuous weakness in the competition:

Taylor was definitely the better singer, but I think his decision to not be a hot girl will cost him votes.

I was glad to see it.