Posted: May 22, 2006 1:51 PM

Hey, y'all. You know what you should totally buy?

A Hugh T-shirt. That's right, A Hugh Hewitt T-shirt.

It comes complete with a simple, 15-word platform for your friendly, neighborhood Republican. Wear it faithfully and it will make a difference. It's so clear, not even a U.S. Senator could get it confused.

Win the war.

Confirm the judges.

Cut the taxes.

Control the spending.

Secure the border.

And, yes, I'm so glad you noticed! You are, in fact, getting 20% more words for the exact same price because Hugh just generously agreed to up his word count from the previous 12 without raising the price of the shirt to the consumer.

You save the Republic. We pass the savings on to you!

But seriously, folks, we got new, classy tees. Mine's on the way, so I can wear it whenever I hang out with Republican Hill staffers.

So, do your part in '06 and wear one. It's a really reasonably priced way to help-- and it's red!

Now, click away on the ad to the right or any of these links and make me look good. Thanks, y'all.

This experiment in buzz marketing brought to you by me.