Tony Snow Likely to Take Press Secretary Gig

Posted: Apr 25, 2006 11:04 AM

CNN is reporting:

Sources close to the White House said Monday that Fox anchor Tony Snow is likely to accept the job as White House press secretary, succeeding Scott McClellan.

The sources said they expect him to announce his decision within the next few days.

A source familiar with the discussions said Monday that newly appointed Chief of Staff Josh Bolten asked Snow to make a decision by early this week.

Two sources familiar with the discussions said Bolten wanted to fill the post this week, as early as Tuesday.

Sources familiar with Snow's deliberations said he has been focusing on family, finances and his health, as he battles colon cancer.

Neither Snow nor the White House would comment.

Gun Toting Liberal has thoughts from the other side on the possible appointment, which reflect why I think this is a smart pick. Tony Snow is kind of hard to dislike:

The fact is, I have listened to Tony’s radio show and have seen him numerous times in FoxNews debates, and he is an extremely classy guy for a Republican activist… and now I’m going to have to learn to dislike him. Sad...

And I will say this about Tony Snow - I have never, ever heard him demonize the other side in a debate. I am not saying he has never done this, I am just saying I have personally never heard him do this.

And, Joe Gandelman says Snow has unusual strengths, for a spokesperson:

Snow would be taking the White House job after a high profile and lucrative career in print and broadcast (including a radio talk show). He's going FROM the journalism/talk realm INTO the the political world, versus the usual course (from the political world into the media).

He has enormous "stage presence" compared to most spokespeople. It's unlikely he'll ever look like he's sweating. He knows how to play to a camera and use a microphone.