Now They Want to Know What the Troops Think

Posted: Mar 22, 2006 10:12 PM

Lorie Byrd's got a column up today, in which she notices a curious trend:

A strange thing has been happening on the Left over the past few months. For the first time in my memory, there seems to be a desire of those on the Left, and those in the media, to let the public know how the troops feel about an ongoing military operation. Now that many of our soldiers and Marines in Iraq are serving their second and third tours there, have been away from their families for many months, and some have even watched their buddies die, the Left and the media want to know what they think and how they feel. Well, isn’t that thoughtful of them?...

Instead of the media worrying about the troops’ feelings, and trying to determine them through polls, many of which are questionable due to the wording of the questions and the logistics of finding representative samples in a war zone, maybe they could just concentrate on honestly reporting the words and actions of the troops in the field. If they did that, the public would at least have enough accurate information to form a fair assessment. Until that happens, I will be reading the milblogs.

Good call. Michael Yon, Blackfive, Smash, Mudville? These are the places to get the story. You know, to balance out all that stuff from Eason Jordan's CNN that we used to take as fact.