Tom Friedman: Lou Dobbs a 'Blithering Idiot'

Posted: Feb 28, 2006 8:17 AM

Pat Cleary at NAM has been going the extra mile when it comes to worrying about Lou Dobbs so you don't have to, which was already a great public service in and of itself.

Now, he's tracking down references to Dobbs by campus speakers-- particularly ones like this, in which Tom Friedman goes after Dobbs as a symbol of the protectionist political class that so loves to demogogue the issue of globalization:

"And then you have a blithering idiot like Lou Dobbs, in my view, who's using the platform of CNN in...the frame of a news show. This is not news. And so we have a political class not making sense of the world for people and that's why the so agitated."

Pat's got a link to it on video, and has much more to say. Go and enjoy.