Got No Plans Tonight?

Posted: Feb 14, 2006 2:24 PM

Not that I'm assuming or anything. Nor am I asking you out. You're probably all busy, anyway.

Well, for those of you who will be taking it easy this pink, frilly, dark chocolate Tuesday night, I have some Valentine's Day links for you to wallow in. Have fun! I'll be reading them and maybe watching Grey's Anatomy on my DVR. Oh, yeah.

The National Review did a couple of cute symposiums. Yeah, that's right. The National Review is cute sometimes. The first is on the best conservative love stories of all time.

Then, they've got "Women We Love," in which conservative men dish about the intellectual, philosophical stand-outs that make their little Hayekian hearts pound.

Then we've got "Men We Love."

I'd like to chime in here with a little nomination for Mike Pence and Tom Coburn for being conservative rock stars. Pence is fresh-faced and positive, giving the smaller-government message the friendly vibe it so deserves.

Coburn, on the other hand, appears to be so disgusted with having to spend so much time on the Hill, he almost always looks grumpy. Now, if that ain't the hallmark of a true conservative, I don't know what is. He is brusque, but one needs a little gruff to enforce any kind of discipline on the Hill. Plus, he doesn't care who gets mad at him. Pence and Coburn-- two very different faces in the conservative caucus, both of which I love.

Here's a bit of a Valentine from an Iraqi mayor to U.S. troops: Via, The Anchoress.

Did you know you could customize your M&Ms-- color and message? I should have told y'all about this sooner because now it's too late to get them for Valentine's Day, but I'm gonna keep it in mind for other occasions. How long do you think it will be before someone orders break-up M&Ms because they don't want to actually break up with someone? Has it already happened, somewhere out there?

Chris Muir offers an opposites attract cartoon on this special occassion.

And, if you want to find a date for tonight, check in with Marginal Revolution about the economics of the pick-up line. Seriously. Economics will totally help you in this area. At least, that's what I keep hearing since I moved to D.C...always from economics majors. Hmmm.