AP Writer Attempts Literary Triple Toe Loop

Posted: Feb 13, 2006 10:40 AM

I really like Michelle Kwan. I'm sad she had to withdraw from the Olympics without ever snagging a Gold medal. I'm one of those people who was secretly a little bitter (against my better judgement) when that spunky Sarah Hughes edged out Kwan in 2002.

This isn't just a huge story for the U.S. Olympics team, but for NBC's ratings, as women's figure-skating is traditionally the biggest draw of the Games and Kwan is the biggest draw of the sport.

All of that makes the Kwan story a big one. But isn't this a little much?

Dressed in black, her eyes red and swollen from crying, Michelle Kwan flashed none of the spark and charisma the world has come to admire. Her smile did little to hide her misery. "I've had a great career. I've been very lucky," she said, pausing to compose herself.

Everywhere but at the Olympics.

Kwan's last chance to win the only medal that has eluded her grasp _ an Olympic gold _ ended sadly Sunday when she withdrew from the Turin Games because of a groin injury.

She has chased that medal for a decade, coming so close twice that she could feel its heavy weight around her neck. Now she's headed home, her neck as empty as her heart. (emphasis mine)

Dressed in black? Swollen eyes? Her neck as empty as her heart? Oh, Lordy.

Ann Althouse notes a strange column about the Kwan story in the NYT Select, which seems to imply some rude things about Kwan. Just for the record, the lead of the column refers to the "capriciousness of Michelle Kwan's groin."

Geez, what is this, Kwan Derangement Syndrome?