CPACin' It

Posted: Feb 09, 2006 10:13 AM

I'm at CPAC, sitting at the very end of a very long table of elbow-to-elbow bloggers. The organizers saw fit to give bloggers a little more room this year. I think they underestimated the sharpness of elbows well-defined by years of word-processing. There were injuries. We won't get into it. The point is it's better this year. I can go home with eyesight in both eyes.

I'm just feeling it out so far. I'm going to try to tell you who's here with me, though I must admit I don't know them all by sight yet. Everyone should have to wear a hat with their site's banner on it, so I can visually associate. Brilliant. I'll suggest it for next year.

So, we've got:

There are many others who are on the list and will likely show up during the week. Check these guys out. There's a lot to cover at CPAC, and they'll all be scattered in different directions.

UPDATE: I haven't seen him yet, but Ryan Sager is photoblogging from here, as is Save the GOP.

And, I just got to meet Patrick Hynes in person for the first time.