Cartoonists Doing 'Toons About 'Toons

Posted: Feb 08, 2006 12:05 PM

It's interesting to watch political cartoonists respond to the cartoon controversy.

Michelle Malkin tipped me off to this gallery of cartoons from American cartoonists, all of which address the issue without depicting Mohammed.

There's also this one from John Cole of the Scranton (Pa.) Times-Tribune, which pulls no punches.

I haven't said much about the controversy, because most of the bases are already being covered, and because there are just some things that make me so dismayed that I have trouble figuring out what to write about them. The violent reaction in the Muslim world right now is one of those things. It's just very...sad. The reactions of a few Westerners who would try to justify those reactions or-- my personal favorite-- compare them to the peaceful reactions of American Christians to similar offense are also disheartening.

I'm so glad that the U.S. has taken the lead in encouraging serious transformation-- of governments, politics, and minds and hearts-- in the Middle East, the very heart of the Muslim world. It must be done.

Perhaps the transformation will also change those hearts and minds in the Western world that are a little too quick to make excuses for violence and intimidation as long as it comes from Muslims.