Shhh! Look! The Rare Moderate Democrat Ventures Into The Open

Posted: Jan 31, 2006 7:34 PM

All right, who let a sensible person be in charge of the Democrats' response tonight? My theory is Sheehan was slated to give the response, but they couldn't get the live feed to work from jail.

Seriously though, Tim Kaine is a moderate, red-state Democrat who made his Catholic faith a part of his gubernatorial campaign. I think he mentioned his faith a couple times in the speech, and even suggested that we "pray for healing." Crazy fundie.

The fever-swampers are gonna be ticked off. Fundraising numbers will plummet! Kos will call for heads! Quick, get Howard Dean out there!

Kaine's message was soft and fluffy, as was his delivery. He says we all just need to work together to fix things. We just need to cooperate, he says. There's a better way, he says.

Of course, by come together he means Republicans should lumber to the Left while Dems stay seated. By cooperate, he means, "if you neanderthals would just do things our way..." And, by better way, he means their way with no compromises, but it sounded warm and fuzzy, and decidedly un-crazy, which hasn't been the Democrats' MO lately. When the base figures out who let this happen, I pity that poor, sensible person.

UPDATE: I meant to mention last night that The Cornerites were much harder on Kaine than I was. (start there and scroll up) They're right that he's not accurately described as a true moderate. He ran as one, but he's more liberal than he looks. When I said moderate, it was short-hand for "at least he doesn't act like a stark raving lunatic."