At the RSC Conservative Members Retreat

Posted: Jan 31, 2006 9:46 AM

I took a trip up to Baltimore this morning to drop in on the Republican Study Committee's Conservative Members Retreat. The RSC is a group of about 100 committed conservatives in the House. Things are a little slow in the press room, but we're hoping Members will drop by after lunch.

Until then, check out Tim Chapman and Stephen Spruiell, who were blogging from here yesterday. All three House members in the leadership race-- Blunt, Boehner, and Shadegg-- are here, so it's been a more charged retreat than usual.

Stephen says he was surprised to hear from Rep. Mike Pence (chairman of the RSC) that the top priorities in the leadership race are "budget, marriage, and ethics-- in that order," since media coverage has focused on budget and ethics.

Tim has Shadegg and Boehner commenting on the wheelin' and dealin' in the leadership race.