Beautiful Day in the Blogosphere

Posted: Dec 02, 2005 1:55 PM

It's a shockingly beautiful day in D.C. today. Sun out, prism of fall leaves, birds chirping and all that jazz-- the kind of day that tricks you into thinking you can leave for work without your coat on, so that the beautiful day can attack your tiny cardigan with its violent, frigid winds. Dang weather.

I was a little under the weather earlier today, so I just got back to the blogosphere. Here are some highlights from my catch-up work:

The peace activists taken hostage in Iraq have been threatened with death. Jawa Report is on the story, and Ian has video of the kidnappers up.

RightWingNews has the 10 most fascinating people in the blogosphere, 2005. I'm anxiously awaiting the calendar.

Watch out for the squirrels. They're agitated. Hat tip to Althouse.

PowerLine reports that job numbers and the President's numbers are bouncing back.

Paul is still in New Orleans and he knows the culprit in the levee break (I mean, aside from the hurricane we commanded and those bombs we dropped, right?).

Michelle Malkin reports that MoveOn has removed the Photoshopped picture of British troops it used to preview its Thanksgiving ad.

Beth points me to video of an amazing Christmas lights display.

Just One Minute is still all over the Plame story at every turn.

And a bunch of people have e-mailed me about this. Limbaugh read a column by my dad on the air today. I think you'll like it. Just imagine-- Monday Night Football being covered like Iraq.