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Pro-Abortion Organization Rebrands Ahead of the 2024 Election, Showing Its ‘True Agenda’

AP Photo/Anna Johnson

Pro-abortion organization NARAL Pro-Choice America rebranded this week as Reproductive Freedom for All ahead of the 2024 election.

“As we embark upon our next chapter, our new name puts our mission, our values—and the values of the majority of Americans—front and center: We’re fighting for reproductive freedom for everybody. Honoring the legacy we’ve built together at NARAL, our organization and its 4 million members are seizing on this pivotal moment in our movement’s history,” a press release from the left-wing organization stated. 


Last year, the United States Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. Since then, many Republican-led states enacted laws meant to protect unborn children from the evils of abortion, which Townhall previously reported.

Predictably, left-wing pro-abortion advocates like two-time failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton praised Reproductive Freedom for All’s rebrand. 


In a statement, Reproductive Freedom for All President Mini Timmaraju said that “Reproductive Freedom for All is a demand, a call to action, and a vision of the future we’re fighting for. Together, we’re going to make that vision come true.”

Pro-life organization Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America pointed out that NARAL omitted “pro-choice” from its name, which proves that the abortion lobby does not truly believe in “choice.” 

“NARAL’s decision to abandon their ‘pro-choice’ label is just another example of the radical abortion lobby lifting the curtain to show Americans their true agenda,” said E.V. Osment, vice president of communications for SBA Pro-Life America. “This further confirms that the days of ‘safe, legal, and rare’ abortion positions on the Left are on the ash heap of history. Not only have abortion extremists erased ‘choice’ from their platform, but they have also erased any mention of women. NARAL’s decision to drop “choice” from their name is arguably more honest, as most women cite their abortions as inconsistent with their values or coerced. In stark contrast, the pro-life movement stands ready to serve women and save babies. We will never be ashamed to acknowledge her and her needs, nor will we tire of exposing the harm done by pro-abortion activists who will go to any lengths to disempower her and keep her from accessing help to be a strong mother.”


Not to mention, in the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s decision, groups like Jane’s Revenge vandalized pro-family, pro-life centers across the country that give women who choose life the resources they need for their babies.


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