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Actress Arrested for Disorderly Conduct During NY Protest

Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP, File

Actress Susan Sarandon was arrested this week at the New York State Capitol while protesting for raising the minimum wage for tipped restaurant workers, according to a report from the New York Post.


Reportedly, Sarandon, 76 is part of the organization One Fair Wage, which argues that minimum wage increases that exclude tipped workers “negatively impacts women and single moms of color the most.”

On Monday, Sarandon and seven other activists were arrested for disorderly conduct, the New York State Police Department told the Post. A statement provided to the outlet explained that the protesters “began sitting and obstructing walking traffic through the area.”

“They were instructed multiple times to move to a safer location, but eight of the group’s members refused and requested to be arrested. Those eight individuals were arrested, each for one count of Disorderly Conduct which is a violation-level offense. All have been processed and released with appearance tickets returnable to the Albany City Court on a later date. The names will not be released due to the level of offense,” the statement said.


According to the organization’s website, One Fair Wage consists of nearly 300,000 service workers. 

“Since the pandemic, restaurant workers have been leaving the industry in droves. Our research reveals that 53 percent of restaurant workers surveyed are considering leaving the industry, 70 percent of whom are citing low wages and tips as their primary reason for leaving, and 78 percent of workers state that the only reason they would stay in the industry is if they received a livable wage with tips on top,” the website reads. “In response to this staffing crisis, thousands of restaurants nationwide have raised their wages to get workers to attract and retain staff, but this measure is not enough. Through state campaigns, we are focusing on raising wages for tipped workers so that the 1 million restaurant workers who have left since the onset of the pandemic can return to an industry that fairly compensates essential workers.”

Last year, Sarandon came under fire after she made an insensitive remark on social media regarding the death of a New York police officer, which Townhall covered. In a post, Sarandon said, to her hundreds of thousands of followers, that police officers are “not needed any day” accompanied by a photo of the fallen officer’s funeral procession.


“So, if all these cops weren’t needed for CRIME that day, doesn’t that mean they aren’t needed ANY day?” Sarandon wrote in the tweet. Her comments were displayed over an image of a police car procession with the caption “I’m gonna tell my kids this is what fascism looks like.”

In an apology tweet, Sarandon said “I deeply regret the meme I recently shared on Twitter that included a photo of Office Jason Rivera’s funeral,” adding “I sincerely apologize to the family of Officers Rivera and Mora for causing additional pain in their time of grieving.”

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