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AP Photo/Rebecca Santana

A group of abortion providers are pushing back against restrictions on the procedure by training primary care doctors a “convenient” abortion method that uses a “hand-held device.” 


According to Fox News, doctors from the MYA Network are looking to train more primary care facilities to provide “manual uterine aspiration” using a small, hand-held device that removes a pregnancy “almost completely intact.” A New York doctor who provides this type of procedure has patients “in and out of the door in less than an hour.”

The doctor, Joan Fleishman, told The Guardian that she sees patients from all across the United States and from other countries, such as Ireland, Bahamas and Mexico. She is the co-founder of the MYA Network (via The Guardian):

They believe the took could be radical in the hands of more primary care clinicians – clinicians they are amping up to train. 

The time to do that, they say, is now. The future of mifepristone, a major abortion pill used in more than half the abortions in the US, is in question due to a lawsuit brought by anti-abortion groups seeking to overturn the FDA’s approval of the drug. It could be determined by the same supreme court that ruled last year to overturn Roe v Wade.


The network is planning to unveil an online curriculum and in-person trainings for the procedure, which many of the clinicians and institutions in the network have already been doing in their own states.

“The number of clinicians who could be trained would be limitless,” says Michele Gomez, one of the doctors in the MYA Network of clinicians.

“There are so many clinicians out there who want to do something to help but just don’t know how, and this information and support could be a gamechanger.”


Fleishman told the outlet that she had her first abortion at age 18 and that it “was the least of her concerns.” She said she went to Planned Parenthood and “took care of it.”

This week, Townhall covered how Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly (D) and Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs (D) vetoed bills that would have protected babies born alive after a botched abortion. 

“Ralph Northam may have faded into political obscurity but his infanticidal view on babies who survive abortion lives on through Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly,” SBA Pro-Life America’s Western Regional Director Adam Schwend said in a statement. “It’s disturbing to see Gov. Kelly, Kansas Democrats and the abortion industry attempt to pretend a whole group of people doesn’t exist, when the Abortion Survivors Network is located right in Kansas City.”

Melissa Ohden, a survivor of abortion and the Founder of the Abortion Survivors Network, commented on Hobbs’ veto. 

“Arizona deserves better than Gov. Hobb’s veto of this bill. We remain committed to serving survivors of abortion at any gestational age, along with their mothers, who deserve compassionate prenatal and postpartum care, a delivery plan and emotional support.”

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