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England, Wales to Ban ‘Violent’ Transgender Inmates From Women’s Prisons

LightFieldStudios/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Violent male prisoners who identify as transgender will be banned from women’s prisons in England and Wales going forward.

The decision came after the government faced backlash for housing a male with a history of violence against women in a women’s prison after he claimed he was transgender, according to Daily Mail


Justice Secretary Dominic Raab had already announced the ban would affect trans women who have male genitalia or have committed sexual offences. 

And he announced yesterday the ban would be expanded to those found guilty of violent crimes including murder, attempted murder, harming a child, assault with intent to cause serious harm or injury, endangering life and harassment. 

The changes will apply to all trans women regardless of whether they have a gender-recognition certificate.   

It comes after the controversy in Scotland regarding Isla Bryson, a trans woman who was convicted of raping two women before transitioning from a man known as Adam Graham.

The 31-year-old rapist was convicted in late January and was taken to Cornton Vale - Scotland's only all-female facility - to be held in segregation to await sentencing.

Following an outcry from the public and politicians, Bryson was moved to the male estate within days and an urgent review was commissioned by Scottish Justice Secretary Keith Brown.

Reportedly, Raab denied that the policy change was in response to the outcry over Bryson. He tweeted that males would only be allowed in women’s prisons in “the most exceptional cases” requiring approval from the government. 


Bryson’s estranged wife, Shonna Graham, told Daily Mail that Bryson was “bulls***ing” officials about being transgender to get “an easier life in prison.” And, after Bryson was found guilty of his crimes and backlash ensued over him getting sent to a women’s prison, Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon resigned. Reportedly, her resignation came after months of outrage over her “relaxed” policies regarding transgender people. 

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