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Transgender Biological Male Wins Local ‘Miss America’ Beauty Pageant

Andre Penner

This week, a transgender teenager in New Hampshire became the first to win a local Miss America Organization beauty pageant.

The contestant, Brian Nguyen, (pronounced Bree-Ann) won the competition to be titled “Miss Greater Derry 2023,” local outlet WPDE reported.


In an Instagram post, Nguyen boasted about being “the FIRST transgender woman to be a Miss America local titleholder” in its 100 year old history.

“I am so honored to be crowned your new Miss Greater Derry 2023, and I am thrilled to show you all what I have up my sleeves. This will be an amazing year,” Nguyen wrote.

According to one of Nguyen’s posts, Nguyen is a 19-year-old college freshman studying business management. Nguyen wants to use the degree to “create sustainable, ethical, and inclusive products such as clothing, cosmetics, and accessories."

The Miss Greater Derry pageant winner receives a scholarship and is a preliminary event for the Miss New Hampshire pageant, and following that, Miss America. According to the Miss Greater Derry pageant website, 

Many users on Twitter criticized Nguyen’s win, pointing out that deserving female participants who competed were robbed of the opportunity to receive a scholarship and advance in the competition.


Townhall reported this month how a three-panel federal court ruled that Miss United States of America LLC cannot be forced to allow male-bodied transgender women to compete.

The San Francisco-based 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that allowing transgender people to compete in the pageant would interfere with its ability to show “the ideal vision of American womanhood.”

The lawsuit was brought forth by Anita Green, a transgender rights activist, who reportedly claimed that the pageant’s policy of only allowing “natural born women” violates an anti-discrimination law based on gender identity in Oregon. Green sued in December 2019 after pageant organizers refused Green’s application to compete.

What occurred at the pageant in New Hampshire is just the latest snub to biological women competing against transgender women.

Earlier this year, transgender athlete Will “Lia” Thomas was nominated for the NCAA Woman of the Year award. Ultimately, Thomas did not receive the award. But, Townhall reported how Thomas competed on the women’s swim team at University of Pennsylvania, and won an NCAA title, after competing on the men’s team for three consecutive seasons.


Last month, makeup retailer Ulta came under fire after inviting a biological male transgender influencer onto its podcast to discuss “all things girlhood.”

The influencer, Dylan Mulvaney, spoke on the topic with biological male “gender fluid” hairdresser David Lopez.

Mulvaney creates videos on TikTok, which have accumulated millions of views, documenting his “days of girlhood” and essentially making fun of women.

Several people responded to the podcast saying they were going to boycott Ulta.

“‘Girlhood’ isn’t something you can buy from Ulta,” Christina Punshaw, Gov. Ron DeSantis’ (R-FL) rapid response director, summed up.

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