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Transsexual Activist Says the Trans Movement Is Accelerating 'Far Too Fast'

AP Photo/Armando Franca

A transsexual activist said in an interview this week that “things are accelerating in a way that seems far too fast” in the transgender movement. 

The activist, Buck Angel, who was born a biological female and identifies as a transsexual, made the remarks in an interview with Fox News.


Fox conducted a poll earlier this month that showed that 60 percent of parents believe that transgender policies in schools are a problem. And, two-thirds of 1,000 likely voters agreed in a separate poll that “the transgender movement has gone too far by encouraging underage minors to use drugs and surgery to transition.” 

"I agree completely that things are accelerating in a way that seems far too fast,” Angel told Fox News.

"It's a private matter — and it's personal, as it should be — and it can eventually become something that we have to be public about — but especially for kids — all of this needs to be treated with the utmost sensitivity, and taken out of the realm of public discussion," Angel added.

People who identify as transgender often have “gender dysphoria,” which is when a person feels that their gender does not align with their biological sex. Things like “social transitioning” mean that the person will go by a chosen name, preferred pronouns and wear clothing of the opposite gender, but not undergo gender transition treatments.

"We do not have enough research to show that this will alleviate the gender dysphoria," Angel said. "We do show that there is a lot of trauma not being addressed before going to medical and why we are having a large population of detransitioners that the transgender community is trying to hide.”

Many LGBTQ+ organizations and advocacy groups have labeled this types of treatments as “gender-affirming” health care. 


"Mental health needs to be the priority," Angel told Fox. "Not affirmation therapy but actual therapy."

Townhall covered this week how a study found that 98 percent of teens who received puberty blockers ended up moving forward with other transgender treatements. And this month, England’s National Health Service issued guidance warning that most transgender minors could be experiencing a “transient phase.”

In May, Townhall covered how Angel said in an interview with Fox News that children are now facing indoctrination from transgender activists. 

“Now we have trans with no gender dysphoria, no need for it to be a disorder, no need for mental health care, self ID, affirmation therapy, come on. That says to me on some level some form of ‘indoctrination,’” Angel said, adding that they push the narrative that “anyone can be [transgender].”

“It’s inappropriate for our community to keep pushing this narrative as if anyone can be trans, cause that’s not true,” Angel said. "Our community is failing our community," Angel added. "We’re not being loving and we're not being caring. We’re being weird."

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