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Major Lingerie Retailer Appoints Male Ambassador

AP Photo/Mary Altaffer, File

Several retail companies in recent years have unveiled gender-neutral products to cater to both men and women. Apparently, one of the world’s largest lingerie retailers is following suit and will enlist a male actor to promote it.

Victoria’s Secret announced this week in a press release that actor and producer Darren Barnet, who stars in the Netflix show “Never Have I Ever,” will be the company’s first-ever celebrity male ambassador for its “lifestyle” brand PINK.

“Throughout the year, Darren will promote PINK's Gender Free collection, inclusive of shorts, tees, matching sweat sets and accessories, and help launch new styles, most notably being the face of PINK's upcoming Fleece Shirt Jacket launch this fall. Darren will also be curating a list of his favorite PINK products and participating in various activations that support the brand's key initiatives, as part of PINK's ongoing commitment to inclusivity, fostering positive mental health, and empowering young adults,” the press release stated.

Barnet, 30, took to Instagram on Tuesday to share the news. He said his focus in his ambassadorship at Victoria’s Secret will be to promote mental health initiatives.

Last year, Business Insider published a report in July that Victoria’s Secret was considering bringing back its annual Fashion Show, which was canceled in 2019. Also in 2021, VS ditched its iconic “Angels” in an effort to “shape the future” of the brand.

“Darren is such a positive role model for teens and young adults," said Amy Hauk, CEO of PINK said in the company’s press release this week. "As we focus on expanding our gender-free offerings and continue to evolve as a brand, we want to ensure our partners not only represent the diversity of our customers, but also embody individuality and self-confidence." 


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