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AP Photo/John Locher, File

Nevada’s former Attorney General Adam Laxalt (R) recently announced his candidacy for the Senate in the 2022 midterms. At the forefront of his campaign, he will push back against Leftist indoctrination in schools, specifically, Critical Race Theory (CRT). In an interview with Townhall, Laxalt shared his thoughts on CRT and what he plans to do going forward to prevent it from permeating schools across the country.


“I think that right now, the average voter in Nevada feels like that this Leftist radicalism is invading every aspect of their lives. It’s something that no one voted for, no one has asked for. The acceleration of the pace of it being pushed into daily living for Nevadans is astonishing,” Laxalt said in our interview. “I think that Critical Race Theory is one of the main constructs that is being used to force this radicalism on our country.”

Laxalt, who is a veteran and a father of three, assumed the position as attorney general in 2015 through 2019. He notes that CRT goes beyond just schools – that it’s an overall concept that our nation is one of oppression and people should feel apologetic or oppressed based on their race.

“Some schools are saying they’re not teaching it, that they don’t teach Critical Race Theory as a curriculum. But the parents are having none of it. Yeah, there’s not a booklet being handed around that has ‘Critical Race Theory’ as the subject line, but they understand that their kids are being taught these really negative values about our country, and they’re being taught, in some cases, to hate each other,” Laxalt explained. “They’re being taught to judge each other based on the color of their skin. All these things that we’ve spent generations and generations in the country getting away from. It seems like we’re going backwards.”


In October, Laxalt issued remarks at a school board meeting in Nevada about the harm of CRT and “cancel culture” – essentially intimidating people into silence. “At its core, Critical Race Theory is this concept that we are founded on white supremacy and we are a fundamentally, inherently racist and oppressive nation,” Laxalt said at the meeting. “We will not let [Leftists] impoison our children with this rhetoric. We will stand up for them.” Laxalt’s remarks earned him a standing ovation.

This week, Virginia’s Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe lost the election to Republican businessman Glenn Youngkin. As we covered, McAuliffe stated during his campaign that parents shouldn’t be involved in their children’s curriculum. Subsequent polls after the election showed that education was one of the top issues for voters. 

On the contrary, Laxalt said as a Senator he would implement a system for parents to contact his office with concerns about CRT curriculum being taught in Nevada schools. And to date, Laxalt has received endorsements from several key Republican figures, including Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton, and former President Donald Trump.


“I think it’s important that we [elected officials] be the voice for these parents,” Laxalt said. “We’re not going to teach kids to hate our country and to hate each other.”

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