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Tucker Carlson Stunned Over JetBlue's Hiring Decision


JetBlue is coming under fire over the airline’s refusal to hire unvaccinated pilots even as it takes violent, convicted felons under its wings.

John Perrys came on board as a “pilot trainee” and has been a “crewmember” since July of 2022—eight years after he was released from prison for breaking into a judge’s home and violently attacking his daughter, with whom he had been previously engaged to, a Daily Wire report details.


"John Perrys committed a heinous crime, he broke into the home of a judge and brutally assaulted the judge’s daughter in the shower with a metal baton, she fled the home bloodied and naked," explained DW investigative reporter Luke Rosiak on Fox News. "When he was arrested, he was found wearing a bullet proof vest and in his car he had knives, handcuffs, parachute cord, and most disturbingly a shovel.” 

Perrys, a former Air Force captain, remains on felony probation until 2044. 

This comes as JetBlue clings to its COVID protocols in the name of safety, requiring its nearly 21,000 employees and all new hires to be vaccinated against COVID-19. 

“Whether it’s requiring masks, or many of the other health and safety protocols we’ve had to navigate during the pandemic, all of these efforts have been focused on making the workplace and air travel safer for you and our Customers,” JetBlue says in its job applications. 

Perrys is reportedly training to fly the Airbus A320, though many instructors refuse to fly with him, according to the report. 

In introducing the segment, Fox News’s Tucker Carlson couldn't believe it was even a real story. 


"Most people believe in redemption and you want to see violent felons get better, but to be a commercial airline pilot you'd think you'd have to meet a separate and higher standard just because you have the lives of your passengers in your hands," Carlson commented. 

"It's the epitome of woke logic here," Rosiak said. "Violent criminals are not a safety threat...but what's a safety threat is not wanting to get a vaccine that doesn't reliably prevent you from getting or transmitting a disease that pretty much everyone has gotten now anyway." 

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