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AP Photo/Lynne Sladky

As Hurricane Ian inched closer to making landfall in Florida, leftists could barely contain their excitement over the prospect that, depending on how Gov. Ron DeSantis handled it, the weather event provided the opportunity to break the Republican.  

“Gov. Ron DeSantis spent his first term becoming one of the most influential Republicans in the country,” Politico wrote on Sept. 27, one day before the storm arrived in southwestern Florida. “But he still hasn’t faced one of the toughest challenges a Florida leader can encounter: a hurricane.”

Apparently forgetting about Hurricane Sally, Politico continued: “depending on how well the governor responds to the potentially catastrophic storm, DeSantis may emerge more popular or open himself up to criticism.” 

As Spencer covered, Politico wasn’t the only leftist outlet to salivate over the test of DeSantis’s leadership. 

But much to their dismay, DeSantis has knocked it out of the park when it comes to recovery efforts.

After temporarily restoring the bridge to Pine Island in less than three days, DeSantis got to work on nearby Sanibel Island, where the Causeway – and only land access to the island – was broken in three locations by the hurricane. 

During a press conference on Tuesday, DeSantis explained how equipment and supplies had been brought in by air and barge but much more was necessary. Trucks needed to be able to drive there to continue repairs, and if work wasn’t done immediately on it, “nothing would be happening on the island.” 

So wait, they did not.

Always a master at optics, as DeSantis was delivering the remarks, a massive convoy of 200 bucket trucks, 150 line and pickup trucks towing 50 trailers, two tractor trailers, and first responders descended on the island. 

It was a remarkable scene that lifted the spirits of those who call the island home and the scores of others who return to this special place year after year. The news got even better when DeSantis announced full repairs would be completed by Oct. 21, allowing full time civilian traffic once again.

While there’s no denying how much work needs to be done and how long it will take to return the areas absolutely devastated by Hurricane Ian to their former glory, DeSantis has proven himself an immensely capable and determined leader who will only come out of this stronger, no matter what attacks the left throws at him. 


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