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A Black Caller Tells C-SPAN the 'Truth' About Crime in Democrat-Run Cities


While violent crime has even increased in small-town America, it's plaguing major U.S. cities to the point where residents in some areas are now taking the attitude of, "If it's my time, it's my time." Just look at what's happened in Memphis this week alone, where a teacher was abducted and killed while out jogging then days later a gunman went on a seemingly random shooting spree that paralyzed the city. Similar realities face residents in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, and beyond. 

Viewers of C-SPAN's morning program, The Washington Journal, heard from one black caller who was blunt about who's to blame for these problems. 

Asked which party they trusted most on "law and order" issues, one longtime New Yorker said there's only hope with Republicans. 

"Democrats and particularly these days, in all honesty as a black man telling the truth, Democratic mayors as black, whether they male or female, Democratic police commissioners as black, male or female, in Democratic cities, they're run into the ground." 

"In my opinion, nationally, city by city, crime-wise, you might want Republicans as your mayors, as your police commissioners whether they’re white or black, whether they male or female," he continued, "because they're more inclined to take crime more seriously and be more inclined to protect and support the victims of crime." 

Crime is among the top concerns for Americans ahead of the midterm elections, with 60 percent of registered voters saying it's "very important" to the vote they cast, according to Pew Research. 


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