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Maddow Acknowledges Inconvenient Truth About Jan. 6

AP Photo/Steven Senne

The No. 1 concern for Americans right now is inflation, according to Pew Research, with seven out of ten saying it's a huge problem for the country. After that comes affordability of health care, then violent crime, gun violence, the federal budget deficit, climate change, the quality of public school education, illegal immigration…you get the picture. What doesn't register on the list of top 12 issues is January 6, 2021, yet Democrats in Congress are obsessed, turning the committee's hearings into primetime events, desperate to distract the public from the multiple domestic problems facing the country just months before the midterm elections.

But some of the most leftwing members of the media aren't even buying what the committee is selling.

Take, for example, MSNBC's Rachel Maddow, who pointed out that those who attended the Trump rally that day weren't responsible for the breach at the U.S. Capitol Building.

"Yes, there was a pro-Trump rally, at which the President spoke, and we can absolutely talk about all the things the President said there. But the idea that that rally is the thing that got out of hand and that somehow resulted in the breaching of the Capitol—that rally was very far from the capital, and the people who […] did the initial breach that allowed everybody else to come in, they never went to that rally," she said. 

NBC News's Lester Holt, meanwhile, acknowledged, "a lot of these shots will seem familiar to people" – a point GOP Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) echoed. 

"I don't think we learned anything new even with thousands of hours of testimony," he stated on Fox News. "The American people are focused on … $5 gas, 41-year high inflation, a border that's no longer a border and crime that's on the rise in every major urban area in this country." 


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