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Jordan Peterson Has a Message for Canadian Leaders

Photo by Arthur Mola/Invision/AP

After a massive Freedom Convoy of truckers headed to Canada's capital city of Ottawa over the weekend, many are still there refusing to leave until Prime Minister Justin Trudeau steps down or ends the vaccine mandates, restrictions and testing, specifically for cross-border drivers. 

While last week Trudeau dismissed the protesters as a "small, fringe minority," he then went into hiding over "security concerns" while at the same time said he was isolating due to Covid-19 exposures (which he claims to have tested positive for on Monday). 

Watching the events unfold from Miami, Canadian psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson released a brief message to leaders back home, urging them to "seize the day."

"I thought I'd make a video message to Premier Scott Moe and Jason Kenney and Doug Ford and [the] leader of Her Majesty's loyal opposition Erin O'Toole and ask you guys, what in the world are you waiting for? It's your moment," he said. 

"Our prime minister has literally abandoned the city—run away as far as I can tell, citing security concerns, because I think he believes his own propaganda about the nature of the people who are sitting in Ottawa, and then lying about it, justifying it as a consequence of being exposed to COVID," Dr. Peterson continued.

"You're not going to get a better opportunity," he said to Canadian conservative leaders. "This is your moment, conservatives in Canada, you could come out and say to the population, say to the people who are desperate to hear this, that we can have our lives returned to normal and that there's still some danger, but we've got this with competent leadership and care."

He said life as Canadians used to know it could come back, and this is the message that should be sent loud and clear. 

"Man, even the NDP leader [Jagmeet Singh] came out and said that the truckers were essentially a bunch of white supremacists for, for all intents and purposes," Peterson continued. "Our government is in disarray."

"The people are doing everything they can to make their wants known, guys. Reassure Canadians. Remove these mandates that are crippling our businesses and interfering with our private lives and stopping us from being able to travel," he concluded. "Seize the day." 


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