Tucker Gives Update on Missing Biden Documents That Suddenly Turned Up

Posted: Oct 30, 2020 7:45 AM
Tucker Gives Update on Missing Biden Documents That Suddenly Turned Up

Source: AP Photo/Richard Drew

Fox News’s Tucker Carlson informed viewers this week that an important package containing “damning” material about the Biden family vanished in transit from New York to Los Angeles. While there was a brief update Thursday that the contents of the package were discovered, the host went into more detail about what happened during his program.

“On Monday, one of our producers in New York overnighted a package to our executive producer Justin Wells and to me in Los Angeles,” Carlson said. “We were there preparing for an interview with a former Biden family business partner called Tony Bobulinski. Somewhere along the way, the contents of that package disappeared. Inside it was a flash drive that contained primary documents pertaining to the Biden family. We should tell you those documents did not come from Tony Bobulinksi and, of course, we made a copy of those files before we sent them because we’re careful.”

He said they get many documents from sources, and even more during election years. Before they can discuss anything the show receives on air, however, the items must be verified and determined to be newsworthy. The host said they are still assessing the flash drive in question.

“But the point is the package never arrived. Proprietary reporting on the Biden family, documents sent between journalists by supposedly secure overnight mail, disappeared,” he said. “And they vanished on the same day we were conducting a heavily publicized interview based in part on documents from the Biden family.”

While Carlson said UPS “is a reliable company” he questioned how they could’ve lost such an important package—something the company hasn’t been able to answer, either.

“How? UPS won’t tell us how. We spent a lot of the day talking to executives there. They claimed that the flash drive was found on Monday night by an hourly employee at the UPS building on 43rd Street in Manhattan,” he said. “They suggested it might have been sitting on the floor there. They couldn’t prove that because, remarkably, in a room where millions of high-value packages are handled, there are no security cameras. That’s what they told us. UPS says the employee who found our flash drive simply dropped it on top of a supervisor’s desk. Our documents sat there undiscovered for more than 24 hours until we announced on television that they were missing. That’s their story. Obviously we had some questions about it, but UPS executives did not answer our questions.”

Carlson expressed doubt that his package was “torn open accidentally by a machine.”

“UPS says that almost never happens. So, we’re left with the obvious explanation—someone, for some reason, opened our package and removed a flash drive containing documents that were damaging to the Biden family,” he said. “We’d love to know who would do that and why. It would be helpful to see the envelope itself, but UPS says we can’t see it because they threw it away.” 

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