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CNN's Reporting in Pennsylvania Does Not Look Good For Biden

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s pledge to “transition away from the oil industry” at the final presidential debate was one of the best gifts he could’ve given to Republicans ahead of the election. President Trump hit him hard for it during his rallies in Pennsylvania, and rightly so—the state relies heavily on the industry.


"I want to begin today by discussing an issue of existential importance to Pennsylvania. Very, very important. Last week Sleepy Joe Biden made perhaps the most shocking statement ever uttered in the history of presidential debates. In other words, he blew it," Trump said. "Joe Biden confirmed his plan to abolish the entire U.S. oil industry. That means no fracking, no jobs, no energy for Pennsylvania families, Texas, all the others."

He continued: "The Biden energy shutdown would inflict deep pain and misery on Pennsylvania. Mass layoffs, constant black outs and brown outs, soaring gas prices. It's nice to have that $2 gasoline isn't it? Surging energy bills, no air conditioning during the summer, no heat during the winter and no electricity during peak hours.”

Pennsylvania voters are paying close attention and told CNN “they will not survive if fracking does not exist,” correspondent Vanessa Yurkevich reported.

"President Trump has a more clear perspective on keeping fracking going with minimal regulations where Biden in the past and through the campaign has kind of gone back and forth on what he wants to do,” Emanuel Paris, a senior project manager at a contracting company, told the network.


Sharlo Tkalcevic, owner of a bar and grille in the state, told CNN, "It’s almost like a domino effect and it could just be disastrous in my eyes if you know, first a pandemic and then fracking is banned."

Yurkevich said the majority of voters CNN spoke to “say they will be supporting President Trump this time around because they do feel like his message is a little clearer and will be good for their livelihoods and their future.”

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