Schumer Reveals He Had a ‘Long And Serious Talk’ With Feinstein About Judiciary Committee

Posted: Oct 21, 2020 8:15 AM
Schumer Reveals He Had a ‘Long And Serious Talk’ With Feinstein About Judiciary Committee

Source: AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer told reporters Tuesday that he has had a "serious" conversation with Sen. Dianne Feinstein after the California Democrat faced intense backlash over the cordiality she extended to Chairman Lindsey Graham after the confirmation hearings for Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

Feinstein did the unthinkable: she hugged Graham and thanked him for a job well done: "This has been one of the best set of hearings that I've participated in," she told the South Carolina Republican. 

And for that, progressives want her out.

"[I]t's time for Sen. Feinstein to step down" Brian Fallon, the executive director of the progressive group Demand Justice, told the Associated Press, adding that if she doesn't, "her colleagues need to intervene."

Ilyse Hogue, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, said the country “deserve[s] leadership that underscores how unprecedented, shameful, and wrong this process is.”

She continued: “The Ranking Member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Senator Dianne Feinstein, failed to make this clear and in fact offered an appearance of credibility to the proceedings that is wildly out of step with the American people. As such, we believe the committee needs new leadership.”

MoveOn said the Democratic Party needed “fierce leadership” instead.

“This was a moment for all Democrats to fight and instead [Senator Feinstein] cozied up with Lindsey Graham & undermined her own Democratic colleagues. She needs to step down from her role on the Judiciary Committee now. We need fierce leadership for the fights ahead,” the group tweeted.

Schumer appears to have taken note. 

“I’ve had a long and serious talk with Senator Feinstein, and that’s all I’m going to say about it right now,” he said Tuesday responding to a question about if he has plans to change up the Judiciary Committee, where Feinstein is ranking Democrat.

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