What Biden Claims Would Make Him One of 'Most Progressive Presidents in American History'

Posted: Jul 30, 2020 7:30 AM
What Biden Claims Would Make Him One of 'Most Progressive Presidents in American History'

Source: AP Photo/Matt Slocum

Former Vice President Joe Biden spoke about his plan to address racism and economic inequality on Thursday, and said that, if passed, it would make him among the “most progressive presidents in American history.”

The plan is the final pillar of his “Build Back Better” agenda, which offers economic relief amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Biden's new proposal seeks to address the country's racial wealth, opportunity and jobs gaps through what the campaign says would be a "historic effort to empower small business creation and expansion in economically disadvantaged areas — and particularly for Black, Latino, [Asian American and Pacific Islander] and Native American-owned businesses."

The 26-page plan centers around the bolstering of small business opportunities for minority communities, reforming "opportunity zones," investing in affordable housing and homeownership, and expanding access to resources for entrepreneurs of color. (NPR)

“If I’m elected and this passes, I’m going to be good to go down as one of the most progressive presidents in America history,” he said. “But none of the things I’m talking about are inconsistent with a free market, not inconsistent with capitalism, but they require certain safeguards. Just like, you know, that whole thing, it took a capitalist to save capitalism. Well, I think there’s a lot that we can get done and will get done.”

Conservatives have long argued Biden is nothing but a shell of a candidate who will be controlled by the progressive wing of the party. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Democratic socialist and champion of the Green New Deal, being named a co-chair of a climate change task force for his campaign is just one example. 

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