We Now Know What Happened In the Moments Leading Up to Floyd's Death

Posted: Jul 16, 2020 7:30 AM
We Now Know What Happened In the Moments Leading Up to Floyd's Death

Source: AP Photo/Evan Vucci

New bodycam video has been shown to journalists that reveals a fuller picture of the interaction between George Floyd and police before his death.

The recordings come from former Minneapolis officers Thomas Lane and J Kueng's bodycams.

"I'm not a bad guy," Floyd reportedly tells police as they try to get him into the patrol vehicle. He then begs them not to put him in, arguing he is claustrophobic and he just had coronavirus. 

"I just had COVID, man, I don't want to go back to that,” he says.

A passerby tells him to stop resisting: "You can't win,” to which he replied, "I don't want to win."

He reportedly volunteered to lay on the ground instead of going into the car. 

Kueng and Lane arrived at Cup Foods at 38th Street and Chicago Avenue in south Minneapolis shortly after 8 p.m. on Memorial Day after reports that someone tried to pass counterfeit money.

They briefly talk to the store manager, who points out a truck across the street. Lane takes out his flashlight as he crosses 38th Street. He taps on the truck's front driver's side window with the flashlight, and Floyd is startled.

"Let me see your hands," Lane tells Floyd. Floyd is moving around in the vehicle and apologizing to the officer, who swears at Floyd and demands to see his hands. Lane draws his gun and points it at Floyd, who tells him that he got shot the "same way by another police officer before," and begs Lane not to shoot him, telling the officer that he just lost his mom.

Lane tells Floyd to get out of the car, pulls Floyd's hands behind his back and cuffs him just about two minutes after he'd approached the vehicle. […]

About a minute later, Kueng tries to push Floyd into the squad while Lane pulls him from the other side. Floyd is splayed across the back seat, frantic and yelling. At least twice while being forced into the squad, Floyd says, "I can't breathe," and tells the officers he'll lie on the ground instead. (NPR)

At this point ex-Officer Derek Chauvin comes to the side of the car. The angle of the video makes it unclear whether Floyd pushes himself out of the vehicle or if he is removed, and he goes to the ground near the back tire of the police vehicle.

Chauvin put his knee on Floyd’s neck. He cries out for his “mama” and says he can’t breathe. Lane asked multiple times if they should put him on his side instead. Chauvin’s response was, “just leave him.”

Kueng checks Floyd's pulse, and says "he can't find one."

Several minutes after Chauvin put his knee on Floyd's neck, an EMT arrives and Chauvin gets up.

The officers help the EMT get Floyd onto a stretcher. Lane rides with him in the ambulance for a few blocks, giving Floyd chest compressions as EMTs prepare their treatment. The officer later gets a ride back to 38th Street and Chicago Avenue in a fire truck.

Chauvin's body camera had come loose as he restrained Floyd on the ground. Kueng recovered it from under the squad. (NPR)

The video was shown to journalists and the public by appointment on Wednesday, but Judge Peter Cahill is not allowing the video to be published.

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