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Tucker Carlson Has a Warning For Trump About His Reelection Chances

AP Photo/Richard Drew

Fox News’s Tucker Carlson had a warning for President Trump about the November election that ought to serve as a wake-up call: he’s not a shoo-in for reelection.


“Not many people are saying it out loud on the right, but the fact is that President Trump could well lose this election,” the host said on his program Thursday. “In fact, unless fundamental facts change soon, it could be tough for him to be reelected.”

What would it mean for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden to win? 

Earlier this week Carlson explained that there really is no candidate Biden—the Biden from years past isn’t there anymore. “He has no core beliefs. He is empty. He's a perfect Trojan horse. For the people who've taken over the Democratic Party, he is perfect.”

Thus, if he wins, the radicals who control him will take over and fundamentally transform the country, just as Barack Obama had promised. 

“Now, we are fully aware that virtually nobody watching the show tonight wants to hear that, but it’s true, and key people around the president know that it’s true,” Carlson said. “They’ve seen the numbers, and they are concerned. At some point in the future, historians will marvel at the fact that the president lost ground during a pandemic and then during mass riots.”

Carlson looked back at some of Trump’s positions that got him elected in the first place, such as his warnings to Americans about China and his tough stance on law and order.

“The core appeal of Trump," Carlson argued, "was if things ever started to fall apart, he would defend you. Yes, he was loud and crude. Most bodyguards are. Only a man like Donald Trump was tough enough to fight the creeping authoritarianism of the education cartel and corporate America.


"If Trump got elected, you could say what you really believe. The basic promise of America could be restored."

Carlson said Trump must crack down on the rioters and anarchists for Americans to regain confidence in him. The president’s announcement that those who tear down statues on federal property will face 10 years in prison is a “welcome start,” Carlson said, adding that he should go further. 

“It would change the course of this country’s future if the Justice Department rounded up the leaders of antifa tomorrow, along with every single person caught on camera torching a building, destroying a monument, defacing a church, and put them all in shackles and then frog-march them in front of cameras like MS-13 and call them what they actually are, domestic terrorists," he said. 

“Not protesters, not civil rights activists, not CNN contributors, but domestic terrorists,” Carlson continued. “And that would be their new government-approved title. Once they are charged, it’s official, in fact. They are literally, as a factual matter, accused terrorists, and that would change minds right away.”

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