What’s Life in Wuhan Like Now? One US Citizen Living There Explains

Posted: Mar 17, 2020 2:15 PM
What’s Life in Wuhan Like Now? One US Citizen Living There Explains

Source: Cheng Min/Xinhua via AP

Doug Perez, a U.S. citizen living in Wuhan, China, provided a positive update about what life is like right now in the city the global coronavirus pandemic originated from.

While there was a great deal of “hardship” at the beginning of the outbreak, Perez told Fox News “the situation has transformed dramatically”—for the better.

"Yesterday, for example, we only had one new case of coronavirus — one confirmed case in Wuhan," he told “Fox & Friends First” host Jillian Mele. "So, the situation is greatly improving recently. And, we're optimistic that we're almost through it over here."

Things aren’t completely back to normal, though, he explained. Residents are still under quarantine and must deal with a lot of restrictions. They continue to be dependent on delivery services, but he said they “have been very reliable.”

“Recently we can access even fast-food services via delivery. Everything comes within an hour," he said.

"So, actually, the situation has been improving a lot and life's starting to return to normal a bit recently. So, we're actually really happy about that," he added. "But, prior to that, it was much worse."

His advice for those currently in the midst of outbreaks was to “stock up and be safe” as well as practice good hygiene, like washing your hands.

Perez, who teaches English in Wuhan, spoke with U.S. news outlets last month about how frightening and "depressing" life was, in part because everyone has "cabin fever." He also relayed how a once-mundane trip to a grocery store turned into a "scary experience."

“They test everyone’s temperature with a temperature gun at the front door before you go in. It’s crowded. Everyone’s wearing masks. Everyone’s rushing," he told The Mercury News. 

Having lived through the worst of it, Perez offered some advice.

"I think if you keep a positive mindset and you focus on making it through it, not leaving the house — complying with the quarantine. I'm really confident that the U.S. will make it through it," he told Fox News.