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Biden Appears to Forget Which Office He's Running For During Victory Speech

AP Photo/Chris Carlson

Questions about Joe Biden’s mental acuity have been mounting—they’re no longer just gaffes but indicative of a larger problem of cognitive decline. As Brit Hume noted Tuesday night, there’s really no denying at this point that he’s “getting senile.”


The former vice president often forgets where he is, constantly loses his train of thought, and is now getting confrontational with voters as we saw in Michigan. 

During his speech Tuesday night, it appears that Biden forgot, yet again, which office he is running for. Last month, remember, he told a Charleston crowd he was running for U.S. Senate. 

“These are all people been working like the devil to try to get us elected as the, uh…so I want to thank you,” he said.

And yet, according to Grabien Media's Tom Elliott, the media praised the speech as "well composed."


The Daily WIre's Ryan Saavedra also pointed out another troubling moment from his speech. Watch the clip below and look closely at his face when he tries to say "education." 

This is not good.

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