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Dozens of Conservative Groups File Ethics Complaint Against Pelosi

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

A coalition of conservative groups filed an ethics complaint against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, arguing she has “weaponized” the impeachment process and "usurped the authority of the Executive Branch."


The complaint, which was led by Jenny Beth Martin of Tea Party Patriots Action and signed by 40 conservative groups, calls on the Office of Congressional Ethics to launch an inquiry into Pelosi's "misconduct."

“In launching her 'official' impeachment inquiry without benefit of a vote of the full House of Representatives and without indicating anything remotely qualifying as 'treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors' that is the subject of the inquiry, Speaker Pelosi has weaponized impeachment,” states the complaint. "She and her Democratic colleagues are using the impeachment process as a weapon of partisan political battle, rather than as the means to defend the Constitution our Framers meant it to be.”

The letter also argues that foreign and national security policy is in the hands of the executive branch:

"Congress’ ability to influence the conduct of U.S. foreign and national security policy is wholly dependent on its power of persuasion, for the Constitution grants to the president and the president alone the power of Commander in Chief of the armed forces, and the power to appoint Ambassadors and make treaties.


The Thursday vote on a resolution to formalize the impeachment inquiry is “inadequate at this late stage,” the letter says, and Pelosi’s “one-person decision” to hold the vote is in “violation of historical precedent.”

“Speaker Pelosi has, through multiple actions and false statements, abused her power as Speaker of the House of Representatives,” the complaint concludes. “She has violated the Official Code of Conduct of the House of Representatives through a pattern of abuse of power, demonstrating that she is unfit to continue to serve as Speaker of the House.” 


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