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Texas Republicans Just Made Pelosi An Offer to Campaign for Dems

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s campaign has invited House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on an all-expenses-paid trip to The Lone Star State to campaign for Democrats.


Abbott’s campaign manager John Jackson said Texas Democrats have long looked to California for financial support and as “a model for the socialist policies it wants to implement.” No Democratic legislator embodies those principles better than Pelosi, he argued.

“This is the same Nancy Pelosi who said that sanctuary cities make us 'safer' and who referred to tax cuts for the American people as 'crumbs' — statements that are in lockstep with gubernatorial candidate Lupe Valdez and the entire Texas Democrat Party,” the letter says.

Taking advantage of the massive 58-percent lead Abbott has over his Democratic opponent, Jackson extended the offer to Pelosi in jest, noting that her airfare, lodging, and per diem expenses would be covered should she choose to come. He'd even “provide a list of Texas’ finest barbecue establishments” so the California Democrat could enjoy the “full Texas experience.”


“This would be a great opportunity for Texas voters to get a glimpse of what California-style policies would mean for our great state,” the letter says. "Those policies include higher taxes, open border, and a government that dictates every aspect of your life from your healthcare to what sort of straws you can drink from."

The letter continues: “This campaign visit would provide Leader Pelosi with the opportunity to witness firsthand how our commitment to freedom and limited government has resulted in tremendous success and prosperity for the people of Texas.”

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