Former Aide Reveals Who McCain Would've Likely Wanted to Succeed Him

Posted: Aug 28, 2018 8:49 AM
Former Aide Reveals Who McCain Would've Likely Wanted to Succeed Him

A former aide to the late John McCain revealed on Monday that the Arizona senator likely would’ve wanted a Hispanic woman to take his seat.

"I think a Hispanic woman probably would've been his pick for a successor if he would've lived long enough," McCain's former campaign manager, Rick Davis, said during a news conference. 

"He's always been someone who's encouraged participation in politics, especially in the Republican Party, with minorities and women," he added. 

Among the names floated as possible replacements include McCain's wife, Cindy, a philanthropist and businesswoman; Kirk Adams, Ducey's chief of staff; Barbara Barrett, the first Republican woman to run for Arizona governor; Jon Kyl, former U.S. Senate Republican whip; Karrin Taylor Robson, founder of a land-use strategy company; former congressmen Matt Salmon and John Shadegg; and state treasurer Eileen Klein. (The Arizona Republic)

The paper noted, however, that none of the names discussed have been racially or ethnically diverse. 

Gov. Doug Ducey said a replacement would not be named until after McCain has been laid to rest.

"Out of respect for the life and legacy of Senator John McCain and his family, Governor Ducey will not be making any announcements about an appointment until after the Senator is laid to rest,” Ducey's senior adviser, Daniel Ruiz II, told The Hill. "Now is a time for remembering and honoring a consequential life well lived."

Ducey under Arizona state law is charged with appointing McCain’s successor to fill his seat until 2020. There will then be a special election to elect a candidate to finish out the two final years of McCain's term. (The Hill)

McCain died Saturday after battling Glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer.