WATCH: Beachgoers Have No Idea Why We Celebrate July 4

Posted: Jul 04, 2018 2:10 PM

If you wanted to see an indictment of the American education system, watch this short video of Will Witt, a social media influencer for PragerU, on Santa Monica beach asking people some very simple questions about July 4th.

As you’ll see, historical facts about our great nation have not been taught (or well enough) for these young adults to know the significance of Independence Day and the year 1776.

While a handful of beachgoers did know the answer, far too many others had no clue or gave embarrassingly wrong responses.

Check it out below to see answers like:

Witt: What’s the significance of 1776?

Woman: Is that when Columbus sailed the ocean blue?

Witt: What’s the significance of 1776?

Woman 2: I don’t even know what that is.

Witt: It’s a year.

Woman 2: Yeah, I figured.

Witt: Why is the year 1776 significant?

Woman 3: Oh, that’s the Civil War.

Witt: Close.

Woman 3: Or the end of it. The end of slavery.

And finally, one woman told Witt that 1776 was when “Columbus sailed the ocean blue.” Her reasoning? “That’s why they say it, because it rhymes.”


Social media users were not surprised.