This Photo of Joe Biden Is Going Viral

Posted: Mar 12, 2018 8:30 AM
This Photo of Joe Biden Is Going Viral

A candid photo of former Vice President Joe Biden speaking with a homeless man outside of a movie theater in Washington, D.C., on Thursday night has gone viral.

Biden reportedly took his granddaughter to the AMC theater in Georgetown and was seen with the man by Caleb Baca, Fox 5 DC reported, but the photo was shared on social media by public affairs consultant Paul Equale.

"I'm not exactly sure what he gave the homeless man, but he appeared to write something down on a piece of paper inside the movie theater, which he then proceeded to give the homeless man outside," Baca told Fox 5 DC.

“Joe Biden took his granddaughter to the movies in Georgetown last night.....on his way out he stopped to speak w/ a homeless man. A bystander took this candid shot. Character is about what you do when no one is watching," Equale wrote as a caption with the photo.

Biden, 75, is considering a presidential run in 2020 and even broached the subject during a recent planning meeting with foreign policy aides about his new diplomacy center. 

"He insisted he had made no decision, and didn't need to yet, according to five people who either attended the meeting or were briefed on it by those who did," the Associated Press reports.

The political world has long tried to game out Biden's plans for 2020. After all, he came close to running last time only to see President Donald Trump pull off a victory that many Democrats openly suggest wouldn't have happened had he, not Hillary Clinton, been their nominee. Several people came away from the meeting with the impression that if no strong Democratic candidate emerges in the next year or so, Biden would feel strongly compelled to run.

A presidential candidate twice before, Biden would be 78 on Inauguration Day if elected in 2020, a concerning prospect for some Democrats even though he's only a few years older than Trump. One possibility that Biden's longtime advisers have discussed privately is that he could announce his intention to serve only one term, clearing the path for his running mate to take over in 2024 and potentially setting up Democrats for a 12-year White House stretch. (AP)