Joy Villa's Grammys Dress Stuns Red Carpet

Posted: Jan 29, 2018 7:30 AM
Joy Villa's Grammys Dress Stuns Red Carpet

Joy Villa stunned the red carpet at the Grammys on Sunday with her outfit that once again made quite the political statement.

The singer showed up to the 60th Grammy Awards wearing a white dress with a fetus painted on it. She had an accompanying purse that said, “choose life.”

"I'm a pro-life woman. This year I chose to make a statement on the red carpet like I always do," she told Fox News. "I'm all about life."

She said she was inspired to paint this year's dress because she gave a baby up for adoption when she was 21, and she said she supports adoption over abortion. (Fox News)

Villa turned heads at last year’s Grammy Awards when she showed up wearing a pro-Trump, Make America Great Again dress that was red, white, and blue.

The singer said she's been extremely pleased with President Trump thus far.

"I love what he is doing; unemployment is down," she said, reports Fox News. "I am totally for President Trump, and it's only been one year. I can't wait for the next seven years!"

The 26-year-old also spoke highly of the president’s tax plan.

"I'm looking forward to saving money on my taxes as a small-business woman," she said. 

"I am looking forward to seeing Americans... [feeling patriotic] again. I'm glad that conservative values are back at the forefront as a pro-life woman."