CNN Cuts Off Black Trump Supporter During Answer on 'White Guilt' Question

Posted: Sep 18, 2017 8:50 AM

During a pro-Trump rally on the National Mall Saturday, CNN interviewed an African American supporter of the president and asked him a question about white guilt.

But the interview stopped short when the network cut off Diante Johnson halfway through his response.

“I [have seen] one shirt that said ‘no white guilt,’ things like that. I mean, there have been some messages that might not be that open to folks from diverse perspectives. What would your message be to folks like that?” a CNN reporter asked Johnson, the president of the Black Conservative Federation.

“When it comes to ‘no white guilt,’ I–I agree with that, I actually just made a post about it on my page and a video about it,” the Trump supporter responded. “There are some White Americans that feel guilty for what their ancestors did, you know, this and that, and the thing about it is, they shouldn’t have to feel guilty, this is America…”

Johnson was clearly not finished with his answer but the network cut him off.

“Certainly an interesting perspective there from an African American who supports Donald Trump and is here today,” the reporter then said. 

Earlier in the interview Johnson said it was "important" for him to be at the rally because he stands "for unity."

“It was important for me to be here because I stand for unity, as the president of the Black Conservative Federation of course I need to come here but also I like to see these things, I like to see us coming together, rallying together, and this is kind of like a Trump reunion.”