Freedom Caucus Leaders: 'Russia Hysteria' Is Hindering Congress From Accomplishing Anything

Posted: Jun 06, 2017 7:45 AM

The chairman of the House Freedom Caucus said Monday the “hysteria” over the Russia investigation is hindering lawmakers from doing their jobs.

“The hysterics surrounding Russia merely serve to distract from accomplishing the priorities of the American people—and for what, partisan gain?” Rep. Mark Meadows wrote in a CNN op-ed.

While he was supportive of his colleagues’ bipartisan efforts to understand whether there was any “potential wrongdoing in the Russia investigation,” he cautioned against “fueling exaggeration.”

“Fueling exaggeration and constant hysteria is something that could unravel a democracy like ours,” he said. “It's time we let the special counsel do his job and allow Congress to focus on actually on doing ours.”

Meadows called the notion that millions of Americans chose President Trump because of Russia influence “ludicrous” and said it was Trump’s agenda Americans were attracted to.

“There is real work to be done for the American people. Much of it can and should be possible to accomplish on a bipartisan basis. Now is not the time to circle the partisan wagons, but a time to deliver on the commitments we made to the American people,” he said.