Clinton References 'Covfefe' in Twitter Fight With Trump

Posted: Jun 01, 2017 8:15 AM

Hillary Clinton responded to President Trump’s criticism of her Wednesday referencing his ‘covfefe’ tweet.   

“People in covfefe houses shouldn’t throw covfefe,” she tweeted.

Clinton’s jab was a quote tweet of the president, who criticized her for “blaming everybody but herself” for her election loss.

"Crooked Hillary Clinton now blames everybody but herself, refuses to say she was a terrible candidate. Hits Facebook and even Dems and DNC," he wrote on Twitter. 

Speaking at the Code Conference Wednesday, Clinton blamed the Russians, sexism, the media, and the DNC for her election loss. 

"I [inherited] nothing from the Democratic Party," she said. "It was bankrupt, it was on the verge of insolvency, its data was mediocre to poor, nonexistent, wrong. I had to inject money into it.”