Poll: Trump's 100 Day Report Card

Posted: Apr 20, 2017 8:45 AM
Poll: Trump's 100 Day Report Card

As his 100th day in office draws near, voters rated his performance in 10 policy areas in a new Politico/Morning Consult survey.

The results, unsurprisingly, are divided along partisan lines. Republicans gave the president mostly A’s and B’s during his first three months in office, while Democrats gave him mostly failing grades of D’s and F’s.

As far as specific policy areas, Trump scored the highest on fighting terrorism, with 49 percent of voters giving him an A or B.

But on issues such as foreign relations, immigration, and healthcare, Trump received lower marks.

On foreign relations, Trump earns an “A” from only 12 percent of voters. Another 22 percent give him a “B,” 17 percent a “C,” 15 percent a “D” and 26 percent an “F.”

Voters are divided on Trump’s early immigration policies. More than one-in-five, 21 percent, give Trump an “A” grade, and another 18 percent give Trump a “B.” But three-in-10 give Trump a failing grade, and another 10 percent give him a barely-passing “D.”

Trump mentioned trade as an accomplishment earlier this week, but only 13 percent give Trump an “A” on the issue. Twenty-one percent give him a “B,” 20 percent a “C,” 12 percent a “D” and 19 percent an “F.”

On the economy — a signature Trump issue — the president gets an “A” from 17 percent of voters, with an additional 22 percent giving him a “B.” Fewer voters give him poor marks than for other topics, but 21 percent still award Trump an “F.” (Trump’s grades on jobs are virtually identical to those for the economy.)

The harshest spot on Trump’s report card is health care, likely owing to the collapse last month of the Republican effort to replace the 2010 health care law.

Only 9 percent of voters give Trump an “A” on health care — including only 20 percent of Republicans and 16 percent of Trump voters. Trump earns a “B” from 16 percent of voters, a “C” from 19 percent and a “D” from 15 percent. Nearly a third of poll respondents, 32 percent, give Trump an “F” on health care — equal to another issue on which Trump is weak, climate change.

Trump also received poor grades on following through on his campaign mantra of draining the swamp, with 10 percent giving him an A, 14 percent giving him a B, and 27 percent giving him an F.

Looking ahead, 44 percent of voters think his job performance will get better while 30 percent said it would get worse. Broken down by party, Republicans are much more optimistic about his future in the office, with more than three-quarters of GOP voters saying Trump will get better. Unsurprisingly, 53 percent of Democrats think he will get worse. 

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