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Nabisco Now Wants to Talk to Trump

After Donald Trump negotiated a deal to keep nearly 1,000 Indiana-based Carrier jobs from moving to Mexico, Nabisco is now looking to open the lines of communication with the president-elect.

“We have not had any contact with the new administration, but, as with any new administration, we look forward to working with them and having a constructive dialogue about policies of interest to our business,” Laurie Guzzinati of Mondelez Global LLC told in a statement.

She also notes the layoffs, about 600 at the Chicago plant earlier this year, are completed and were related to a $130 million investment in Salinas, MexicoOpens a New Window. announced in 2015. Today the Chicago factory remains open and is an important part of the company's future. “The Chicago plant continues to play an important role for us, representing a key Midwest manufacturing site for us” said Guzzinati. The company also has manufacturing plants in Fair Lawn, NJ, Richmond, VA and Portland, OR.

On the campaign trail, Trump slammed Nabisco for moving jobs to Mexico, vowing to never eat another Oreo even though he loves them.

Trump Transition spokesman Jason Miller said the deal Trump struck with Carrier is just the beginning.

“It’s not just here with Carrier. We’re going to see some future announcements as well with some other companies. They’ve already been working behind the scenes. I mean this is really going to fundamentally help our manufacturing industry and so many other industries,” he said on Fox & Friends Wednesday.

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